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I would like to give a big thanks to all of you who have supported me in working on my Girl Scout Silver Award project. I hope to create awareness about the educational challenges for the Love Orphanage children affected by the poverty and earthquake in Haiti so the kids can get to school this year!

My first goal was to collect enough supplies for the Love Orphanage children to use for school. We did that! The “Share Your Gift of Love” Supply Drive exceeded my expectations! I also wanted to create art classes for the kids to take part in at the orphanage. All of the art supplies I sent with Ahaji will enable her to give them their first informal art class. Along with school supplies, we were able to collect 175 pair of flip-flops for the kids at the orphanage.

This supply drive brought in 10 suitcases full of school supplies, art supplies and flip-flops. Thanks to Ahaji and the Drexel students who carried and delivered these bags directly to Love Orphanage. I also collected collapsible cubes to act as a storage area for all of the materials.

Something I found fascinating was that my elementary school, where I volunteer, was a big part in this project. I worked with my second grade teacher and her class to collect supplies for their “pen pals” over in Haiti. The students in the class wrote cards to the kids in the orphanage and drew pictures of themselves. Altogether, the four second grade classes collected 2 suitcases full of supplies for the kids.

Next, I get to meet the 17 children and Gabriel at the orphanage next week, via Skype.
My next project will be bringing awareness to the educational needs of the kids at Love Orphanage, through contributing to the new website. I will be creating a “Meet the Kids” page and a “Be a Difference Maker” page. Stay tuned for more information on the orphanage, their progress, and how you can help.
I believe education and a safe, loving home can give these kids a way to rise out of poverty and create a new life.
Thank you all for your help and support! You are a Difference Maker!

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