New House Project

 Land Purchased for Love OrphanageWhen Gabriel Fedelus founded Love Orphanage in 2011, he was offered free rental space on a commercial street in Port-au-Prince. While the location was not ideal, it allowed him to open the orphanage despite limited finances. Although this was a good start, it was quite a precarious living situation. In May 2013, Love Orphanage was evicted unexpectedly and forced to relocate – a very expensive undertaking. In May 2014, Love Orphanage relocated once again - this time leaving the congestion of Port-au-Prince for a house in the suburb of Croix des Bouquets, in a quieter and safer residential neighborhood.  Though from the beginning, our dream has been to build Love Orphanage's dream home - a living/learning space equipped with  in-home classrooms, library, ample bedrooms, volunteer accommodations, and multipurpose space.

New House FoundationIn February 2014, an opportunity came about to purchase a plot of land in Croix des Bouquets to build Love Orphanage's dream home. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to purchase the land, break ground, and nearly complete the foundation for the new house. The next phase of construction is to begin the first floor structure (plumbing and walls.)

New House Progress ~ total funds raised and allocated $21,000

  • Land purchased
  • Construction permits paid
  • Partial foundation materials purchased (iron, sand, rock)
  • Land dug and foundation laid

Funds needed for house construction ~estimated $61,000

  • Remaining foundation: $3,000
  • Structure (walls, roof): $30,000
  • Plumbing (water tank, toilets, tubs): $8000
  • Electric (wiring, generator, stove): $8000
  • Transportation of materials: $2000
  • Miscellaneous: $3000

Future Love Orphanage Site