New House Foundation

Building Foundations for Love Orphanage

The foundation for Love Orphanage’s dream home is nearly complete! This phase of construction was quite time consuming and is considered the most complicated part of building the house. Love Orphanage’s dream home will have 8 bedrooms, multipurpose space, kitchen, dining room, 4 bathrooms, and storage on the first floor alone. Now there is little remaining before the first floor construction can begin. Step by step, this house is taking shape!


First Day of School AY 2015

Back to School for Love O

ClassroomThis September brings much joy and excitement to Love Orphanage as the children gear up for their second year of school. Having one year under their belts, the children are feeling more confident, self-assured, and ready to tackle the challenge and learning opportunities that await them. School has become a treasured place with reading, writing, history and math as some of the kids favorite subjects. Preparation for the new year involved purchasing national curriculum text books as well as brown and yellow fabric for 19 uniforms to be hand-tailored. Ample school supplies were transported in June by the Drexel Haiti Creative Writing Group. So with their brand new uniforms and smiling faces, the children eagerly set off for their first day of school. Each morning, the parade of Love O children walk the five minute commute to school – now a regular site in the neighborhood, where unfortunately school is an unattainable luxury for many children.